Peer-Reviewed Articles and Chapters
Rios-Hernandez, Marlen, “Post-COINTELPRO Punk in L.A. and the Elks Lodge
Police Riot.” Aztán: a Journal of Chicano Studies. Under review.

Rios-Hernandez, Marlen, “‘Don’t Be Afraid to Pogo!”: A Queer Chicana (re)covery of the Pogo and the Story of How Punk Became White” (eds) Gina Arnold and George McKay. The Oxford Handbook of Punk Rock (New York: Oxford University Press, October 2020).

Peer-Reviewed Journal Essays

Rios-Hernandez, Marlen, “‘Don’t Be Afraid to Pogo!’: Chicana Hollywood Punks Negotiate ‘h/home’ After Hardcore Takes L.A.” S/O: Sounding Out!, 2017.

Rios-Hernandez, Marlen, “If La Llorona Was a Punk Rocker: Detonguing The Off-Key Caos and Screams of Alice Bag” 
S/O: Sounding Out!, 2017.

Book Reviews

Rios-Hernandez, Marlen, “Race and Punk: A Queer Chicana Punk’s Review of Vivien Goldman’s Revenge of the She-Punks: A Feminist Music History from Poly Styrene to Pussy Riot (Journal for Popular Music Studies, Forthcoming ).
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